Design Patterns

Gang of Four

The main goal of this project (other than re-creating the arcade game) was to try to use as many of the Gang's design patterns as possible. In total, over ten different design patterns were used. Just a handful of these patterns are: flyweight, proxy, visitor, and composite patterns. These can be viewed in detail in the linked PDF document below:

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Two Player Support

Play with a friend! Just like the original, my recreation supports two players. See who can do better and try to beat the high score.

Attract mode

Almost a requirement for any arcade game, if no one is playing, the intro screen will timeout and transition to an attract scene to try to get a bystander to start playing.

Optimized Collision System

Using the composite pattern, group axis-aligned bounding boxes (AABBs) are created and checked before iterating through any child objects. This reduces the number of collision checks required per frame. If the parent AABB does not collide, none of the children will either.